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I am leaving this page online just to remind everyone that I have worked with for the last 17 that I have retired. If you have questions about your website, you know how you can contact me.

What we do

Net Solutions, of Maryland offers web site, design,  development services, hosting and Internet marketing solutions to businesses, clubs, churches and charitable organizations. We create websites that work, because we provide a complete package of services for web-based small business solutions, including: website design, creation of web pages, uploading of images, videos etc., basic keyword selection, online forms, intranet / extranet, newsletter emailing, photo galleries, blogs, discussion boards and more. Our sites include an administrative area, which allows our customers to easily update their website without having to be HTML savvy. Our clients can be found throughout Maryland in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Carroll County, Baltimore County, Howard County and Frederick County. We also serve clients in York County and Adams County, Pennsylvania and throughout the US. Please also checkout our web hints.

Our approach
Our business-oriented approach is an important factor in providing our clients with the best value for their dollar. We take the time to actually learn about your Internet goals before making a proposal. Many “web developers” think in terms of pages. We think in terms of “What is your business trying to accomplish on the Web?” Featured in the National Web Designers Directory

We then build your website to your organization’s requirements, whether it be for a contruction contractore, landscaper, marina, restaurant, equipment dealership, accountant, lawyer, school, church, civic organization, sports club, childcare center or even a complex online sales ecommerce site.



Our Websites We build our websites to be visitor friendly, owner friendly, and search engine friendly.

Visitor Friendly
We create websites with a consistent navigation menu, pleasing graphics, easy to read textual content. We try to adhere to good design principles as described in this document. Additionally, your site visitors will have search capabilities.

Owner Friendly
Need to make a change to your website immediately? No problem. We provide easy-to-use website change capabilities, by building you an administration site.

Search Engine Friendly
Each page can contain meta information such as title, keywords and description that is specific to that page.

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