Business and technology advantages

Our Customers’ Advantage:

1) Our sites are all Search Engine friendly.

2) We provide our clients with a second administrative website, which allows them the freedom to make immediate changes to their primary website – no waiting for webmasters! It can be done at any time, and any place with a connection to the Internet. No need to learn complicated Internet languages – if you can use a mouse and are familiar with any word processing or spreadsheet software, then you can update your site with no fuss. This is called content management. Why is it important? Because information is often time-critical.

3) We provide a free temporary website with our websites to get you up and running fast. What we provide on a temporary basis, many people decide to use as their main website!

4) Our state-of-the-art data center is located in Ohio, USA.

5) Our websites are easily viewed by mobile phones and PDAs.

To see what our customers have to say about Net Solutions of Maryland, click here.

If you would like more information about our websites and services, please complete the form on our Inquiry page or call us at 410 876 3956.

Website Technology

Our websites are created using Windows .ASP and ASP.NET technology. We also use Microsoft database technology to store the content (text on each page). The database that we use depends on type of website, amount of information to be stored, and anticipated concurrent visits. This is a stable environment, which allows us to build dynamic websites.

Our state-of-the-art data center is in Minnesota, currently servicing over 500,000 websites. There is redundancy in communications and servers. A diesel powered generator supplies electricity, if the main electric power fails. Our data center makes use of Cloud technologytechnology. Our mail servers include Anti-spam software.
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